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In recent years Silverback has expanded rapidly across the world. Now found in 49 countries and across 6 of the world’s 7 continents, this growth has been fostered by the acquisition of some of the industry’s brightest designers and minds coupled with insiders who have decades of experience in the bicycle realm.

The Silverback team encompasses specialty retail store owners, renowned cycle technicians, national cycling team members and champions, wholesale distribution owners and more, all of course with one thing in common…

An unchained love for the
humble bicycle.

Silverback retains its

competitive nature

We nurture a culture in our team that has an insatiable appetite to do things better. Whether it is product delivery or the next generation of full suspension technology, at Silverback we are constantly striving to push the limits of what can be achieved.

It is because of our relentless search for the “new” that we produced the first ever bicycle line that incorporates a USB charging port into the bike, powered by the rider. We were also one of the first bicycle companies to debut a disc brake equipped road bike in 2012, the same year that we embraced the 650b tyre revolution and brought 6 new 27.5” mountainbike models to Eurobike, more than any other brand.

Silverback has a vision for 2020, to be the consumer’s choice of trusted mainstream bike brand. Together with our industry partners, we are forging ahead, seeking change that matters in the opinion of the rider.

Change in the bicycle world is inevitable… either you can respond to it or you can cause it.

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